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Sunday, 20 July 2008


A man made lake near my home was formed because real estate developers wanted to turn priceless wetlands into a housing estate.
This area had been declared as never to be built upon. It teemed with native plants and animals and was a valuable breeding ground for birds.
The developers dug deep and used the soil to build up the surrounding land by two metres. The hole that remained became the lake.
Along with many other residents I was horrified as the bulldozers moved in and the native creatures disappeared. It was a sad time.
The place is now a sprawling suburb and the Jabiru and many other native animal and plant species have long gone. However, as far as residential precincts go, this suburb does have some lovely areas, and the lake-that-was-a-hole is one of them.
The bicycle and pedestrian path around the body of water has become one of my favourite walks. But I still wish that man had not prevailed yet again over the land, and that this place was wetlands still.
I was at the lake again today, after my usual Sunday visit to the local growers’ market, and I took my camera with me so I could share the beautiful Australian winter day with you.

The lake has become almost as popular with the human species as it once was with the native animals and birds. People relax there, or exercise – on foot, bicycles, motorised wheelchairs and skateboards.

There are ducks and water fowl and ubiquitous seagulls.

And a lovely stand of paperbark trees at one end of the lake.

With a bridge and native shrubs ...

I met Richard while he was trying out his new wheels. 85 years-old, Richard's life was changed four weeks ago when he took delivery of his red wagon. Now he can travel to meet his mates whenever he wishes ..

Rosie was relaxing with a new book her sister gave to her. I learned during our chat that Rosie was enjoying her week-end break from a stressful job.

There are quite a few seats dotted around the lake, and I've been known to settle here with a book myself.


  1. Good Morning June! What a wonderful walk you had and a visit with all those people. I am sure you hated to see the natural beauty go but how nice to have a place like this to come to and read or visit with people and relax. I would certainly take advantage of something like this near my home. The pictures are great. I love the little boy on his bike. It has been so hot here the past few days (upper 90s) and so humid. I would like to take a walk around your lake and cool off!

  2. Hi Judy
    Thanks for your new comment!
    Wouldn't it be good if you could materialise at the lake every now and then and we could share a walk?
    I'm sure we wouldn't stop talking all the way around.


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