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Tuesday, 2 September 2008


A couple of months ago I promised to post pictures of my Michelias when they came into full bloom.

Well I was in the garden this morning and saw heaps of petals falling around my six lovely small trees and thought I'd better get moving or I'd miss out this year.

So, out with the camera and these shots are the results.

This pic shows just one tree of five that make an informal hedge at the back of my house. They're 4m high and really provide protection against our western sun which can be very fierce in Australia's summer.

These are Michelia 'Bubbles', a cousin of the Magnolia family that as you can see, come out in masses of creamy-pink cups. The flowers have a citrus perfume and are preceeded by luscious looking deep brown velvet covered buds about 2cm long. These nestle among rich dark green glossy leaves.

Some of the petals that have fallen recently. These delicate gifts of nature were Michelia cups but a short while ago. I don't know how the trees held them all!

Thanks to my lovely daughter Lynne for selecting these magic plants for my garden.


  1. Hi June, Your Michelia Trees are just beautiful. Thanks for showing them to us. Your garden is so pretty. I love Magnolia Trees but don't have one here..too many oak trees and no place to put one. Years ago, I hauled a magnolia tree all the way from New Orleans to Kentucky in the back of an MGB to plant in my yard. (About 1,000 miles) That tree is still living at my old house!
    Thanks for your comments. I love your visits and enjoy coming to see you!

  2. I reckon you really love magnolias after that spartan effort Judy! Shame you had to leave it behind ...
    My magnolia tree itself is not in flower right now - that's last year's picture - but the Michelias - that's a different story. It's raining petals and there are thousands more flowers to come even so.
    Thanks for the visit

  3. am not really anon- but dont have a URL either--found you whilst surfing for michelia pics.. Am in Brisbane so the climate is similar-- Are yours actually in the hot afternoon sun? Liked your profile and can certainly recall those chauvinistic days, especially in the workplace-- These days I prefer fruit trees, wearable art, political and social blogs and learning french..The question 'What next'encroaches upon our more contemlative moments-- Good cheer- Lainee

  4. Hi LAINEE
    Yes my trees are in full sun most of the time, although when they were small they were sheltered by a fence late in the day, and the house on the south sometimes. They are extremely hardy, I find. Early on I did give them a lot of a fertiliser called Health Earth General Purpose which my daughter recommends in her garden centre. I kept them watered then. My son-in-law says they are the best he's ever seen - I have a bank of five that have never ever looked back, and are laden with flowers much of the time.

    Take care you!

  5. Hello June, what spectacular Michelias! I'm considering planting some as a screen. have yours stopped growing at 4m? Can I ask how far apart they are planted?


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