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Friday, 18 September 2009

Just the Best Fish n Chips!

The pelicans and seagulls think they sell just the best     fish n chips around, and so do I! This small boat harbour restaurant has tables set out on a wharf at Tweed Heads near my home in Australia.

Dress code is the ultimate in casual. Fingers are definitely de rigeur. Food is served in polystyrene boxes to keep in the heat, and the taste is scrumptious! 

I dropped in yesterday on my latest bicycle ride. Here, for $A8.50 I enjoyed a meal of about eight little whiting fillets (cooked in crumbs after coming straight off the boat) together with a huge serve of potato chips and a couple of lemon wedges. 

No need to cook when I got home.

These days the sea birds seem to have got the message that they must wait to be fed, and show manners. 

Some time ago they thought they could fight humans for the food they'd purchased and squabble and flap around, making the experience somewhat marginal.  That's a battle surely fought in most seaside towns at some time or another. 

Not only is the food good at this little cafe, but there's a lot to watch while you eat. 

The boat harbour is home to yachts large and small, house boats and craft that ply the nearby river taking tourists and even wedding parties on trips that can include music and refreshments. 

The local fishing fleet - source of my fish meal - drops anchor around the corner ...

I took this photograph on a Sunday - otherwise all of the boats would have been out about their business.  

Why do most fishing boats seemed to bear a woman's name? 

Who was Sarah Jane?

The 'NessaJane' was receiving some TLC from her crew.

And then there was the 'Coralynne' ... 

I REALLY like my bicycle.  I notice so much more when I'm travelling that way. 

Where will you head next time you ride your bicycle?

Where would you like to go if you had one? 


  1. I love this post.....I love fish and chips and I loved your photo's of these boats with their lady names. I would of enjoyed this day with you for sure.....I ride my bike to Curves, it's only 7 minutes on my bike, 30 minutes of exercise and then my 7 minute bike ride home. A real treat on a Fall day. Enjoyed this post very much June, thank you......:-) Hugs

  2. Hi June

    this is a lovely post...I was just thinking about what dinner should be...

    I haven't yet got a new bike, but I have been to pump and Body balance today - I don't get the view there it will be along walk tomorrow for me...

    Good on you...on ya bike...

    Happy days

  3. Hi Bernie
    Well done! I know I feel SO much better after a good bout of exercise. Do you agree that you see a lot more on a bicycle? You just don't see the details in a car ...

  4. Hi June

    Thanks for dropping the pace down to cycle speed. You're right, the world looks so different when you take the time to look.

    Fish 'n' Chips sound great!

  5. Let me know if you had fish and chips DELWYN ...
    Mind you in one way the chips took away some of the benefits of the exercise for me. But on the other hand they were great for my soul.

    Yep - the walk will get you the view around your way!

  6. And don't forget the lemon MARTIN H!
    Welcome to my place by the way ...

  7. YUM, YUM, your meal sounds so good. I just got up and I could eat fish and chips right now. I love any kind of fish! The photos are great and the scenery is wonderful there. I used to have a bike and ride a lot when I was in my 40s. There is no place here to ride that you would not get run over! They speed through my neighborhood like they are running a race here.
    You are so lucky to have riding paths and such. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for sharing that great meal.

  8. Ah, June, I would have to ride many a long mile on my bike to get to water of any significance. I have, however, met a camel while on a ride around my New Mexican urban (if you can call it that) neighborhood! His photo appears somewhere on my blog, and there are photos of another, more recent, encounter with yet another camel--the one that my sister kissed.

    I am just so glad that you let us all come along on your bike ride! I love your blog and you, my far-away virtual friend.

  9. A lovely relaxed fish and chip meal with plenty to look at! Lovely!

    I'd like to go into the countryside with the kids and have a picnic in the sun...

  10. I am afraid to try to ride a bike because of my two artificial knees. They work very good, but I am afraid if I were to fall over I couldn't move quick enough to keep from falling all the way to the ground. I am so happy for you, that you can ride.

  11. this is a lovely post...I was just thinking about what dinner should be...
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  12. Hi June,

    Gosh, you put me in mind to have a lovely Fish Tea ...... We are again heading down to visit the 'Auld Enemy' in a week or so and hopefully be enjoying our very own fish teas mmm... I'm so looking forward to it! It would be wonderful if we had a bit of your sunshine with it as it has turned quite cold here. I think that if we were to go to our usual haunt for fish n chips we would have to be well wrapped up in warm clothes.

    Loved your photos it felt that the warmth fairly came seeping through the ether and made me yearn for sunshine again and also for seaside smells and 'pokey hats'!! Do you know what they are ??

    Thanks for warming me bones up a bit!
    Cheers from the tartan side of the ether Love Kate x.

  13. JUDY
    We are very lucky with our bike paths. They are so well used any new ones are getting wider than ever and the latest has a centre line. There are always signs up giving the rules - share the path, bikes ring a bell to give warning, pedestrians move off the path if they've stopped etc.
    Generally people are pretty good and do share.

    The serious riders who race generally go to less populated places - and there are still plenty of them.

  14. G'day CLAIR
    Every place has its compensations - I'd LOVE to meet a camel on one of my rides. I don't know whether I'd kiss one though. Jean's gamer than I am it seems.

    You descriptions fit what I imagine of New Mexico. What I call grand ugly beauty, in a way quite like many of our native plants which have ugly beauty and absolute integrity.

    I'd love to explore your wonderful architecture and the landscapes.

    There's always a spot on my rides for you two!

  15. QMM
    I'm pleased your new knees work for you. I have a few creaks and groans in mine and my chiropractor says don't let anyone tell me not to ride.
    It depends on what your bottom line is physically eh? Meanwhile, I'll certainly make the most of my good luck.

    I'd love to know what you settled on for dinner!

  17. LADYFI
    A picnic in the sun might be difficult in Sweden right now, so let's have a pretend picnic ...

    There, you've landed on a beautiful sandy Australian beach with the warmth on your back and the kids are enjoying playing among the waves.

    Feel better already?

  18. Hi my KATE
    You tell that auld enemy to behave himself when you're there.

    I'm pleased to hear that you and Rob are doing things for yourselves for a change. Bravo!

  19. Oh I would love to travel along roads lined with trees! The harbor looks like a nice place to bike too! You look so cool on your bike!

  20. Thanks for taking us around on your bike! Lovely account of your trip. And boats and ships are refered in the feminine, and guess that is why they are named similarly!

  21. Hello again Tulsa
    We have some wonderful waterways (and trees) around here. We're on the mouth of a river and there are miles of beaches and lakes and inlets. It is beautiful.

    Cool? Oh yes!

  22. Hi RADHA
    Mmmm... the fishing fleet around here certainly seems to carry feminine names, but a bit of research on the net indicates that there are no absolutes about this generally.

    Military ships are rarely named after women, it seems. And there are many other exceptions that apparently rules out there being any rule on the matter!

  23. I just had fish and chips before I read your blog tonight. Not the same view...only an ugly parking lot .

    Fish n chips in a parking lot is still fish n chips.

  25. Lovely post and lovely scenery! You have inspired me to dust off my bike and head out!

  26. Well there you are WENDYTH - my good deed for the day!

  27. Well now WENDYYTH - my good deed for the day!

  28. Came over from MeMaws as I was intrigued to find another 70+ blogger.
    Interesting pics, especially the Pelican. Always like Australian views as 2 of my brothers emigrated in the early 60's.

  29. glad yu like the English pics. there are hundreds on my blog if you have the time.

    Having checked out the video on your blog on my last visit, I had problems on my computer where dozens of pages opened and I could not close any down.

  30. Goodness BARBARA! Which video was that? Is the problem fixed? Do you run a malware programme?
    I haven't heard any similar reports and I have watched all of the videos I load (several times) with no probs. I'd love to hear details ...

  31. Hi June,

    Thanks for the pics of the boats and the description of your trip. The gravel road past our country house has just received its first coating of a hard surface. Bike riding will soon be a much smoother adventure. You have inspired me to get out and ride.

    My brother has a blog all about recumbent bikes ( and has some very cool topics and pics.

    Any new writing coming to your Journeys blog?

    Keep smilin'


  32. After reading this post, I am inclined to get a bicycle for myself. I would have to carry it to flat ground however as my mountain home has too many steep inclines. Your post let me take a virtual little trip I'll never make, but Australia sounds like such a nice place to live. I do enjoy your blog.

  33. I haven't eaten outside in Tweed Heads, but I really loved a lunch outside at Pyrmont when spouse and I were visiting Sydney (his boyhood home). The polystyrene was horrible but the fish and chips were absolutely fresh and the sunshine/water/seagulls were sublime.

    You hsve to love summer!
    Art and Architecture, mainly

  34. HELS
    I was born in Sydney too and my daughter and I visited the fish markets for a meal on the jetty not too long ago ...
    I agree about the polystyrene - yuk - but it kept the food warm, even though it won't break down in the landfill.

  35. Lucky you! To be able to ride a bike! I wish I could, too.
    And fish 'n chips! Yum!
    You may visit my current blog:
    and leave a comment. Thanks.

  36. Lovely post June. Fish & chips of the fresh variety are my very favourite food!

  37. Hi June,

    I've been dropping by your blog from time to time. Seeing no new posts, I'm just writing to see if you are okay. Drop me an e-mail if you can. Thanks.


  38. Just a small hallo and big smile for you,hope you are OK?! Aleksandra


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