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Monday, 8 June 2009

Boys and Their Toys

Just what ARE these men doing? It's obviously very serious business.
Look closely and we discover that they are actually tending model yachts.

These boys play with their toys each Monday afternoon on a lake close to my home. They are members of the Twin Towns Remote Control Yacht Club, one of a string of similar clubs throughout the world. There are even State, National and World titles in this game.

Recognise the bicycle in the distance?

These particular little craft are just one metre long and must strictly comply to laid down rules before they can compete in races. They must have fibreglass hulls and keels and aluminium masts.

Such yachts can cost $A4,000 to put in the water, although I'm told it's possible to buy secondhand craft if you look around.

This local club has both handicap and scratch races and members compete with other clubs. They don't race for fortunes - today the prize for this afternoon's overall winner was a small Mars Bar!

The club has several races in an afternoon and probably twenty craft can be on the water at once. There are bound to be glitches.

That's when this gentleman comes in handy - he does the rounding up of strays.

What toys do boys have where you live?


  1. Looks like a lot of fun although $4000 is alot to pay for a toy...on the other hand, I guess my camera and my car are kind of like that...thanks for the blog.

  2. June, great pictures! It looks like you had a lovely day!

    My husband's toy is his guitar... He is practicing Hotel of California by the Eagles ...over..and over...and.... over again. His performance is getting better but I have had that same song in my head for WEEKS I should buy him a yacht, but my oh my, how expensive!

  3. Hi again June, I was looking in the wrong picture for your bike and about ready to go to the eye doctor for a checkup when I realized it was in the one above. lol. My Bob loves tools. He has 100s of them and a workshop where he is always tinkering and making something. I do benefit from that once in a while with a table or something he makes for me. I am glad he has something to occupy his time.

  4. That looks great, are you sure it's just for boys. My husband likes messing around in his well equipped (with radio and tv) and extremely tidy workshop, nothing much seems to get made/repaired in there though.

  5. You can't kid me! You just wanted pictures of those men donning their shorts!

  6. I think we could start a blog for those boy stories. I know in my life they are weekly.

  7. Hi June, loved your post today. "Men in Shorts" ahh what a lovely way to spend the day. Around here many men have boats, quads, snowmobiles just too many things to mention. It looks like your having nice weather in A.
    Have another great day....:-) Hugs

  8. Ah, boys do need their toys! Great post, June! Right now the boys in this neighborhood are playing golf online with Tiger Woods! They even create their own images to appear on screen! Well, whatever keeps them off the streets and out of trouble I guess!

    Have a great week!

  9. I play games with toy soldiers. Great fun. I paint them too. Years ago, when my eyesight was better, I could paint the moustaches and sideburns on Napoleon's Old Guard quite easily; they were 5mm tall.

    Every pursuit a male takes on has to have toys.

    Since I started sharing the cooking our kitchen has become crowded with 'must have' toys.

    Those boats look great. I knew what they were immediately too.

    To be fair I think these 'toys' and what you can do with them are pretty sophisticated.
    Women have toys too of course, but they don't seem to be as frivolous or expensive. Except for those women who go in for real jewellery and fashion ...

  11. TULSA
    At least the yacht would be quieter. But really the agony will be worth it when your mate gets better at his music. Such fun for everyone then.

  12. JUDY
    If we don't use it we lose it. Your dear Bob will be a much better mate for years to come - because of his toys. And the odd table is a bonus, as you say.

  13. JENNY
    Does your husband collect the radios and TVs?

    Apparently women do get into remote control yachts, but just not hereabouts. One man told me there were women involved in a club up north a bit and they really give the blokes a run for their money.

    It seems you'd love Australia - men in shorts everywhere, even in winter. It was a lovely day weatherwise and perfect for bike riding and RC yachts - and shorts.

    I must be getting old - or maybe it's that there are so many bare legs around here you don't notice after a while.

    It's when the young ones get their shirts off that turns the eyes I reckon.

  15. There's your cue CAROL - a boy story blog. When's the first post?

  16. Hi BERNIE
    You sexy little beast you!

    Yes our weather is beautiful right now - although we've had more than our fair share of rain here while much of the rest of the country is in severe drought. Here winter is a bit nippy around the edges, but that's as far as it gets. No snow.

  17. I've been known to play computer golf SYLVIA - but pretending to be Tiger Woods is probably going a bit far!

    I really admire men who have an interest that absorbs them - whatever it is. It's the type who mope around bored and wanting everyone else to entertain them that get me going ...

    You have a good one too Syl.

    How honest is this comment!
    I love the look of those toy soldiers myself - very intricate and I like the way the pastime requires research into history. Even though it's war games.
    The moustaches and sideburns are impressive.

  19. Since we have no waters around here, the boy toys are all with wheels....i.e. dirt bikes, quad´s, dune buggy´s etc.

  20. Everyone finds a way Betty - and that's fine.
    My bike is my toy. As is my computer. However both are more than toys - the bike keeps my body working reasonably well and the computer helps my mind.

  21. This was a really good article! I enjoyed reading it! :-)

  22. The boys around here play with similar toys. They also have little motorized airplanes that they fly around over the beach (scaring the birds). You make wonder, though, what are the toys that the girls play with?

  23. Around my home area (northern Minnesota) the "boys" (ages 60+) enjoy motorcycles, old cars, and convertibles. Where I live now (Houston, TX), some like boats, plus other motorized vehicles as mentioned in the first sentence. Like you, June, I am enjoying my bicycle - great for mind and body! And girl-toys? Cameras... and boys, of course!

  24. Wow, the boys are sure having fun with the stuff.
    the boys in my household are workout freaks. the youngest of them is a ben-10 fan.

    Thanks for calling in ...
    You're not far from where I live are you? Lovely sunny day isn't it?

    I enjoyed the mini story on your blog - I hope you extend it some day. I'd like to know more about your hero.

    June also in Oz

  26. ROBIN
    As I said when chatting to Betty - my useful toys are my bike and my computer. I'm sure many women can put painting and golf in their list? There are lots of toys involved in them ...

  27. JESSICA - of course - boys!
    Although I'm quite happy doing without them right now - and of course my age has nothing to do with that!

  28. MAMPI
    Am I showing that I've been around a while when I ask you what a ben-10 is?

  29. Oh, don't get me started... my husband has Wii, Nintendo DS, an iPhone, Playstation 3... yawn...

    Did you use any of them. If not, was it a case that you weren't interested? Or was it that it was a boys' domain?

  31. Most of the boys in this area seem to like fishing and boating a lot. We live near the Chesapeake and there are several lakes and a couple of rivers nearby. Lots of boats, and trailers to haul them about.


  32. CROW
    It seems that boys will be boys wherever they are!

  33. Great photos that continue to amaze me.

  34. June
    Fun post! Love the photos and the progression of the photo/word story

    Here toys are digital cameras and anything possible that could be seen to go with or used for them, computers any anything non home oriented!!
    Thanks for a great post

  35. Hi NSIYER
    I suppose you don't see many scenes quite like this where you come from.

  36. G'day Linda
    Yes I think boys' toys are often much more 'toys' than girls'. However, I'm certainly a camera fan so who's to say?

  37. What a ruddy carry on to get into your site - for the last couple of weeks I have been met with a message that I couldn't be connected to your site (and several others too.) God knows why, this time when I retried to get into the site after the first page and past their original bullcrap about a diagnostics failure -I managed - weird !!! Am going down to Blackpool with Rob in a couple of days and I must admit that I am really looking forward to it. The header on your blog is the kind of sight that I am yearning to see... all that lovely water and waves rolling in - could watch that kind of scene all day - it feeds my soul and is just sooo Fantastic!

    As for toys well I am addicted to electronic games link on the Nintendo WI and Nintendo DS lite... never grew up you see ! The number of hours Dorien and I spent playing 'Frogger' on the Sinclair Spectrum in D's bedroom yonks ago was amazing... The P.C. has taken their place a bit - but when Dorien and I were waiting hours to see this or that doctor at the hospitals we took it in turns to play 'Marioland' on her DS lite... Which I now have! and I am trying to beat her score on it whenever I get a chance... Now Rob instead of moaning about me being on 'that ruddy machine' meaning PC - he's telling me off for playing with the DS lite.... I tell him that I can't help it - but somehow it doesn't help hehehe.. He just doesn't understand my addictive personality .... Dorien will, if she's able to see me from wherever she is now, be having a laugh - she probably knew where her Nintendo DS would find a new home....

    As usual June, I have 'gone on and on'. Better shut me gob - Rob will be gasping for his tea.

    Cheers Peer, Love Kate xxx.

  38. Dearest Kate
    I'm sorry you're having problems getting to my site. I wonder why? Does anyone else have the same problem bloggy mates?

    Kate - Blackpool seems just the ticket for you at the moment. You need some 'me' time don't you?

    Dorien will be happy that you're there as well, I'm sure.

    You're doing it hard right now mate, and that's inevitable with such grief. It's something we go through slowly, and depend on our friends and mates to help out. Rob is such a sweetie you'll make it fine, after a while.

    We don't lose our beloved sister every day of the week ...


  39. Here they tend to have the sorts of toys I'm not very fond of: guns, fishing poles, motorcycles and camping gear. I prefer men with electronic toys. lol.

  40. PS: I would like boats, golf and yachts too! :)

    I'm with you. I like my electronic toys, and I absolutely detest guns.
    I do know men who love their guitars and enjoy art.
    To each his own I suppose.

  42. Round here boys have real toys like chainsaws, tractors and angle grinders, which keep them busy but not always out of mischief.One Summer a bad grassfire was started by one silly boy who forgot they're potentially lethal weapons in hot weather.
    Some of them also have guitars,ukeles, drumkits,boats and businesses so are mostly very occupied.Even the retired chaps.

  43. Hi sgain eag
    You live in a beautiful part of the world, and closer to nature than many.

    At least your boys' toys are likely to have that connection.

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