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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Virtual Art Exhibition - Your Invitation

May I announce the opening of the virtual 70 Plus Art Exhibition, featuring works inspired by friendship, fun, curiosity and the desire for new experiences!

This all began with a little tinkering with the old computer programme MSPaint - and it has grown.
As Lilly, one of our artists, has said: she hasn't been to a hoity toity art opening for ages.

Well Lilly and all of our blogging mates, here is your opportunity! Our invitation design comes to you with the good wishes (and restless Paint brush) of Suranga Date of Gappa. Please accept her generosity with my good wishes.

And on entering the gallery space, take a set of earphones to hear a commentary as you wander ...

Thank you Suranga. I've always admired saris.

However, I must say a word or two in defence of our artists: I do think that all of you have shown you do know what you are doing. We said we'd accept everything from stick figures to Rembrandts. What is perfection in art? Judge for yourselves ...

Now everyone - I know we have a large crowd here but please let's enjoy the fruits of the wonderful talent hanging on our virtual walls in relaxation. And do help yourself to 'wine' and 'cheese' on the way. We've hung the paintings in the order in which they arrived in my mailbox.

This little delight is from Judy of Living on the Other Side of the Hill. I believe that she has taken inspiration from her grandson TW and his teddy bear - what do you think? Isn't that sideways grin familiar?

Lilly says her 'work' is rather like 'horrid wallpaper', but must we accept her word for it? Perhaps she has gone a little dotty here, but Lilly says she had great fun in the creation and that's what counts. She thinks we may have started a blogger craze ...

Steve Emery of Color Sweet Tooth IS an artist who sells his stuff.

Steve said:
'I used to do these with Oldest, back when he was about six or seven years old. We called them "Scrap Creatures." We would scribble and spray and cut and paste/paste/paste, and get something random and crazy. Then we'd see what emerged.

'Today I took 30 minutes and made this one - "Tortoise and Hare." That's what came out. After 5 minutes of random color and fiddling, the rabbit was plain, and the tortoise then became so, as well. Then I sort of carved the figures out of the background, and refined things a little here and there, careful not to clean up too much. This one looks a lot like the others we made back then.

'Please feel free to post at your virtual opening - thanks for the invitation. It was fun to do another one of these after all these years.'

Steve also sent this lovely dinosaur which he and his oldest son fashioned in Paint when Oldest was a little tike.

'Oldest and I just reviewed them. He carefully preserved them through several computer changes, moving them up with diskettes, etc... This was one of our favorites.'

Great memories eh Steve? Thanks for sharing.

This little tiger and his mate came from Rhada of The Musings of a Night Owl who is a real MSPaint fan.

Enjoying the show so far? Please try some of the scrumptious Tasmanian camembert style cheese ... goes very well with the Hunter Valley whites.

This is my personal favourite from Rhada's collection. It reminds me a little of some of Claude Monet's work. Silhouettes in the fog ... I love art works and word pictures which simply suggest.

It's another from Rhada who says MSPaint was a real fad of hers in August and September 2007.

Rhada had forgotten all about these until her daughter remembered and retrieved them from her inbox this week. Aren't there some lovely marks here?

Rhada really got wound up in her
Paint didn't she? I love the freedom of these images.

These four are also from Rhada.

I found it really interesting to see the influences of various cultures coming through in work done in this global computer software programme.

The drawing above and the next few are from Suranga Date of Gappa - the designer of our invitation. I love them all, but I think that this is particularly recognisable as being the work of a woman from India. Do you? I think it's quite beautiful.

'Just tried something,' said Suranga in one of a flurry of emails to me.

'I have written your name in our script (Devnagari script). It is in the thin red line.

'Then because we have summer here and you guys are probably into winter, I thought I'd send you some spring flowers, sunshine and greenery.

'You've got me hooked on to this Paint stuff. Thank you.'

More from Suranga ...

Suranga is really becoming relaxed in her drawing now ... that's what working with Paint can do.

In fact Suranga became so keen she is now decorating a brand new blog (and Gappa, her old one) with Paint pictures, and they're getting better all the time. Have a look at Suranga Date's new blog Rehotya for a feast of lovely Paint art, plus some incisive comments on Indian politics.

By this time she had threatened not to send me any more of her Paint drawings, but luckily didn't keep her pledge ...

This is 'Mumbai Tribal Art' by Suranga. Remember this interesting Indian academic with a fascinating blog had never tried computer art before ...

And with this little gem Suranga bows out and hands over to:

'Cup Cake' by Mrs Bubblefish of Ms Textual. Steph says she thinks she has found a new addiction. If it involves beautiful cakes, I don't blame her one bit.

Don't you love the freedom of those squiggles in this colourful little picture?

Sea Genie of Reality Insanity is an old hand at computer art, filling her blog with wonderful images. She did this one for our exhibition and displayed it on her own blog as well.

But, bloggy mates, don't worry about trying to emulate the sophistication shown here in your own MSPaint efforts. This one was fashioned in PostScript, a professional level programme.

Liked the messages in this one Genie - thank you.

STOP PRESS!! We have a late entry for our exhibition. This lovely floral study comes from Tulsa of The Art of Living in Japan.

She says:
'Here is my first challenge at art on the computer!
I used one of my pictures of a flower as a base.
I use a mac so the software I had was appleworks paint.
Thank you for the inspiration!'

Beautiful work eh? We'll hang it just here where the light is perfect...

Thanks Tulsa.

Suranga has emailed through yet another 'work' - she's cooking with gas isn't she? This one has an inspiring message. Let's hope that people will listen ...

She's still sceptical however ...

Gunjaaish of Speaking Up, Jotting Down ... has also sent across her own Paint creation, and popped a copy on her blog ...

Gunjaaish wrote: 'Sending across a picture I painted, inspired by you guys. Totally novice attempt, but explains perfectly things going on in my life right now.'

Many of us use art and writing as a way of expressing inner feelings. This little work does that to great effect I think. May your troubles soon lessen Gunjaaish ...

Well now, time to indulge in wine and nibblies, chatter and fun, alongside a second look at our wonderful images. Thanks so much to all my bloggy mate artists for their contributions.

As the evening closes, please leave a comment to give us an idea of what you got out of this virtual gallery opening ... I'd really love your feedback.

And if anyone has a burning desire to use MSPaint look at my most recent 'Older Post' for instructions and ideas. Then send your effort over to me in Oz for inclusion in our virtual collection.

Drive carefully ...
Hugs from June


  1. Wow! All this talent! ( I have a day off tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to get creative too!) Now I must go grab some wine and cheese!

  2. Oh great. That's using the net and the software to utiity and creation. Loved the various designs. Keep it up. I will ask my daughter to read this and assimilate. Thanks. Do visit my blog.

  3. You made my day dear June,love the idea and your virtual art exibition,art too,greetings from Sandra

  4. I never knew what you could create with paint! I´m amazed! So many talented people!
    I really enjoyed it, but will stick to watching what other people create. Me....I´m not so good at this.

  5. It's outstanding what we can produce when we try different tools and mediums for our creativity. Somewhere I've got an MS Paint file of a "Junebug on a Candle." I may not have talent, but it's fun trying. Love this post, June. Thanks for showcasing these artists.

  6. JUNE BRILLIANT!!!!! OMG JUST BRILLIANT! This was the best exhibition I have ever seen, just brilliant! By the way that Hunter Valley Red was to die for June... and the cheese.. and the talent...! I will have to post a link from my blog. Fantastic idea. And everyone should keep going and there should be ongoing exhibitions June. BRAVO.

  7. TULSA
    Enjoy the nibblies - and I'll look forward to seeing your creation in my inbox.

    You have a new blog. I love your musical choices ...
    Pleased you liked our special virtual exphibition of goodies. Clever adventurous people trying out new things, mostly. I love that myself ...

  9. Now BETTY that's the whole point. You don't know what you can do until you test yourself. And how much fun it will be. I challenge you to have a go! There's still plenty of time.

  10. G'day Ananji
    How about sending that little old file over to be 'hung' in our exhibition? 'Junebug on a Candle' is intriguing ...
    I'm still accepting contributions. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

  11. LILLY
    Do have another glass of the red ... and some more cheese.
    Pleased to receive such a good review my dear ...

  12. NSIYER
    Maybe your daughter may like to send something over for the exhibition? And I'd love to receive one from you as well ...

  13. June,

    Just resting a bit on the swing, with a nice glass of wine and a piece of mango, not to mention the great cheese. Let me know when the next "display" will be held, and may be I will send over some real good spicy Mumbai snacks, guaranteed to bring tears (of joy, of course) to your eyes. Then you can always say , you are just overcome with the brilliance in all that art :-) ......

    Great post....

  14. Thank you for featuring some of my work. I did it for a lark and never imagined it would find a place here! And to share space with others who have also doodled and enjoyed the experience. Thank you once again. Cheers!

  15. Visiting your blog for the first time...loved all the works of art!!! Awesome.

  16. Am absolutely stunned with my walk around the gallery. Have visual overload! What an amazing range of talent. What a medium!
    Well done everyone! Inspirational.

  17. I really enjoyed the wine and cheese.

    I am not talented with the mouse so think I will pass on the artistic contribution. I do, however, appreciate the wonderful effort of all you creative people.

  18. Hi SURANGA of Ugich Konatari
    Love the idea of those Mumbai snacks - a great accompaniment for our other nibblies.

    May I say how much I appreciate your artwork on your new blog Rehotya? A real talent being revealed in those Paint style illustrations. And alongside comments around Indian politics! Good stuff.

  19. RHADA Your art certainly earned its place on our virtual gallery walls. I'm pleased you enjoyed the experience.

  20. SGD
    Welcome. I'm sure you'll enjoy the company at our gallery opening. Red wine?

  21. Hi STEPH (Mrs Bubblefish).
    Thanks for visiting and contributing as an artist as well. I enjoyed our chat together as we wandered around, wine in hand ...

  22. Hi DARLENE
    Talent is not needed with Paint. You may be surprised what fun it is - and no mess or cost. There are tips on Paint how-to in my older post below.

  23. June - Thanks for posting all of these, and for the commentary and hosting (great red). It's been a while since the last time I attended an opening; I forgot how much fun it is.

    I agree with your that the cultures from around the world shine through these images. I hope our planet learns peace, but never becomes homogenous. If everything were the same everywhere, we will have lost so much.

  24. STEVE
    Spot on! 'I hope our planet learns peace, but never becomes homogenous.' A recipe for the future!

    Enjoy the occasion. And thanks again for your generous contribution.

  25. Oh thank you! This is the first time I've ever had something on exhibit! ...hehehe...
    It is quite invigorating to be with people who are open to different cultures and are so inspiring!

  26. Oh June everyone's pictures are lovely. I have really enjoyed them. It only reinforced to me though that I have absolutely no talent and am absolutely drawing/painting challenged. As a matter of fact I am not sure if I even posses a talent, oh yes I have, I have made great bloging friends who bring me great joy with their creativity.....:-) Bernie

  27. Congratulations !! You guys rock !


  28. Hi again Tulsa! Your artwork is a credit to you.
    Yes, I am lucky that so many people from all over the world pop into my site and now our virtual gallery. It makes for such variety!

  29. Hi BERNIE
    I absolutely refuse to believe that you would not enjoy painting if that's what you wanted. Your choice is not to indulge and that's fine.

  30. Yes Kavi I also think (know) we rock. Thanks for joining in ...

  31. This is so cool! I have been playing with Paint and will continue, but this has been one of those weeks where it's seemed I've gone in 20 different directions. A real delight, June! You done good, girl!

  32. Hi SYL
    Good you dropped by ... Listen here gal - it doesn't matter whether you have created a Matisse or not - just send one of yours over and we'll hang it. Or two or three ...

  33. Wonderful virtual exhibition! Loved all the artworks!

    BTW- Came here via 'Gappa'.

  34. That was an amazing display of art...colourful and quite inspirational. Looks like everyone had fun. :)

  35. Oh what fun! And what an honor to be included! I'm here a little late, but I found red wine and the nibblies are good! :)

    Wonderful art everyone! I can see the joy in your pieces. The color! The FUN! :)

    Thank you for doing this, June! :)

  36. Great pictures one and all. Thanks for the tour!

  37. Very good idea and beautiful images you've collected. All the best.

  38. Thanks for the invite and the wine and cheese was so good. You have a lot of very talented artists here. It was fun and I am sure we all enjoyed it. I feel like my artwork leaves a lot to be desired but I gave it a try! I wonder what you are coming up with next???

  39. MANJU
    Welcome! Thanks for visiting and please enjoy ...

  40. EATON
    That's the point of course - everyone had fun. And in some cases a whole new possibility has opened up ... I agree that it is inspirational.

    Never too late! Our gallery will remain open, with food flowing for some time yet - even though my posts may move on ...
    There IS plenty of joy here.

    You don't feel the urge yourself? The urge to create in Paint?

  43. HI SUSAN
    The proof is in the pudding - and our gallery is a great pudding thanks to all of our artists ...

  44. Dear JUDY
    Please DO NOT put down your work. I think it had great charm and demonstrated your love for life. You enjoyed drawing didn't you? Remember the feeling ...

  45. Thank you for hosting this art exhibit! What talent and how delightful.

  46. ALETA
    Thanks for dropping in. Have you tried MS Paint yourself? Could be fun ...

  47. Bravo! to all the artists.

    That was great fun to "walk" through such delightful artwork. :-)

  48. wow...this surely is creative. And seems like fun too. And kudos to all participants :)

  49. MEIRA
    Thanks for supporting our artists! And please help yourself to refreshments on the way around ...

    Thanks for being such an appreciative 'patron'. And do come again ...

  51. Wow, what a great collection of art here. Very impressive and creative. Now you've got me wanting to try it. Uh-oh, look what you've started!

  52. Yes ROBIN - look what we've started! Will look forward to seeing what YOU produce ...

  53. June, you have really started a creative "movement" here!


  54. Oh, what a wonderful gallery of artists!

  55. Came back after a while, but was excited at this post. I have admired people's talents in blog writing, but this virtual art thru blog was an ingenious stroke. Thanks for the cheese and wine!

  56. SUDHIR
    Thanks for the kind words. Our virtual gallery does seem to have struck a chord ...
    Return often - there'll always be refreshments on offer - virtual at least!

  57. TULSA
    Yes - move over The French Impressionists!

  58. Thanks for visiting LADYFI
    Will you join us by hanging a Paint picture of your own? Stick figures to Rembrandts remember ...

  59. Oh my god June
    what are you,,,,,,,,,
    it is so interesting to see so much of such beautiful art on your post. i am here after a while but its such a great feeling that i got when i opened ur blog.
    i wish i could MSpaint, my daughter does though. And so does my son.
    I must extend my compliments to you all for such interesting paintings.

  60. MAMPI
    What am I? I am the product of my life and of my genes ... as are we all. An intense curiosity about everything has also helped. But I'm not a busy body.

    It's been a long and varied life and my profile can give a fairly good overview. I do feel the query was rhetorical, but in case ...

    I'm pleased to see you're back Mampi - welcome. The thing about MSPaint is that anyone can use it. Sit down and have a go - I've given a few tips in my post 'Painting with No Mess or Expense'. I'd really like to see what turns out!


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