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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Nature's Design

We human beings think we're red hot when it comes to design, but nature will beat us to the post every time. I'm not even talking about the grand design that preoccupied Darwin, but aesthetic design - the wonderful patterns and shapes that will stop us in our tracks daily - if we're prepared to look around, observe and appreciate.

These pictures feature some of the designs that caught my eye on one of my recent walks ...

The first photo features the shadows of pandanus palms as cast on a pathway on a sunny day. These (above) are the amazing roots of the same tree.

And these are some new shoots on the plant that will develop into the many pronged roots capable of holding the pandanus firm against violent winds that plague its cliff top habitat.

Look closely at the ground beneath a pine tree. Delicate colours, delicate shapes.

Lovely swirls, patterns and colours of lichen on this rock ...

This looks as thought it could be something akin to an elephant's hide.

Until we look again at the trunk of an old palm tree. Does this one remind you of an umbrella? Next post we'll see how humans appropriated this particularl design.

It might be fun to see how many of nature's designs you can appreciate around you today ... the kids would love this game as well.


  1. Incredible photos and you're right, we think we're so red hot and nature beats us every time! Thanks for sharing and reminding us.

    The pandanus pic ooks a bit like one of your shadow shots doesn't it?

  3. Good afternoon June on this hot Autumn day...i stop so often when I go for a walk it isn't funny !there is so much too see if you want.

  4. Brilliant post! Thanks for the reminder about appreciating the small beauties that nature provides.

  5. Thank you Ladyfi
    You'll be able to see a lot more of natue's offerings now the snow has gone ...

  6. MONA
    Talking to you about nature's detail is like carrying coals to Newcastle. Your art is full of such beauty.

  7. You have the best photos ever, I love visiting and admiring the texture and colors of each shot.Have a great day.

  8. Thanks for the sentiments Carol. I just point my camera and click - it's the subjects that do the trick.

  9. Love the palm shadows and the tree trunk texture one...I love looking for those too..thanks for sharing them with us, they were wonderful !

    The Retirement Chronicles

  10. The shadow shot is amazing! I like all the photos. You remind me of my son in that you definitely have an artists' way of looking at things and seeing the beauty. That one does look just like an umbrella.

  11. Fantastic! It's all about looking around and actually seeing the abundant beauty in the natural world.

  12. G'day RETIRED ONE
    Yes, I think we oldies take the time to look more than other age groups often do. Life is so busy for them.
    It's a bit like those children who think milk comes from cardboard cartons ...
    In my book, it is so important to keep in touch with nature.

  13. JUDY
    I'll post a pic next time that emphasises the similarity ...

  14. ROBIN
    Why am I not surprised that you like this one? Nature is central to you isn't it?

  15. June
    Science may explain a part of it through genetic engineering and science. It is mystical and once you get into this world you may go on reading ane reading. We unknowingly also get involved to it because we are also living beings. We also continually ammend our living style and adopt many things because we also have a genetic signal antena which is recorded in the brain and compell us to adopt to these changes to make our living meaningful.

  16. Great post. Will definitely show it to the kids.

  17. Hi Pradip
    There are certainly many sides to the natural world and they are captivating.

  18. Sucharita
    I think it would be good if all children were encouraged to look at little details around them. Curiosity is one of life's greatest gifts.

  19. Wonderful post with fascinating photos!

  20. Pleased you liked them Joy ...

  21. Hi June, Fantastic pictures as usual and as usual Judy hits the nail on the head - It's 'not' the camera that does the magic but the one who presses the camera button! You must have an artistic bent missus..

    We here in the land of the tartan have had 3 days solid of 'sunshine' Yeah! Honest to goodness sunshine ! Wowee so everybody and his shadow is out in tee shirts , shorts and bikinis ( well, maybe not bikinis but damn near it)...

    Me ????? not on your flippen life ! I'm covered with 'enough' wrinkles, so I will refrain from encouraging Mr Sun to do any more damage to my skin... not that it was Mr Sun who did it to me anyway... he just added to the wrinkles. I keep flippen buying these ruddy face creams and do they work ?? do they Hell as like! I'll just need to accept that I got my Nan's skin and not my Mum's (Dorien got Mum's).. My Nan was asked when I was 5 when she was going to iron the wrinkles out of her face .... ahem.. (by guess who? so sod's law has come into force as it were and paid me back).

    Dorien is OK atm (she had another 2 pints last week) though we have another 3 hour visit due this week on Wednesday at a 'different' hospital ward - that'll be fun! (NOT)!

    Cheers and thanks for the 'rays' at least they cheer everyone up for a change - folk definately smile more when the sun is shining!

    Hugs, Kate x.

  22. KATE
    Wrinkles are a badge of living. You can't normally get them without earning them! Your face is a map ...

    Good on you and Dorien. It's a big trip you two are on, and together you can face it. Give Dorien a hug for me and take one for yourself ...

  23. Hiya,
    I have a little blog love for you on today's 'what is our definition of a survivor?' post. Come stop by when you have a chance :)

  24. LAURA
    That was a really interesting post of yours. And I like the comments you generate with your thoughts.

    I'm one of those characters who try to make the most of the opportunities presented in comment-making. I think the bloggers who really try to communicate in a meaningful way, comments included, are the ones who attract long-term visitors and friends.

    Why waste our effort on something offered without thought?


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