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Friday, 20 February 2009

A Search for Tranquility

Sometimes tranquility seems elusive. Especially so of course when e
verything around seems slightly mad and surreal.

No wonder I needed a walk by a quiet river ...

This post is one of contrasts, parallel in ways to the nature of our sprawling nation, Australia. The wide brown land that is now in places black and charred and in others a sea of stinking water and dead native animals and cattle. And all when farmers are crying out for rain in so many areas.

The Victorian fires and their aftermath have been gut wrenching for two weeks now, and yet at the same time there have been floods to the north and south of us. Our valley on the Northern Rivers seems to be the filling in a sandwich of horrors.

These weather events have descended in a ferocity rarely known before.

There is an area of Northern Queensland bigger than many countries that has been under floodwater for more than two weeks, with homesteads isolated and dependent on drops of food.

This week the heavenly mid north coast of New South Wales was deluged by incredibly heavy rains and there are people there still cut off.

I took this shot from the balcony of a place where I stayed for a mental health conference late last year. It's in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales which was flooded out this week.

It wasn't the worst effected area, but the water rose dramatically. Mind you, it hasn't helped that the town has invited in the waters by carving canal developments over great swathes of the area.

Anyway, this morning I needed a quiet walk ...

I wondered who left a canoe tethered here in the mangroves, and imagined that it was one of an Aboriginal community living nearby. They knew how to live with the land.

These boys were having a fun time. I was also enjoying this lovely area and thinking that all was not lost when ...

We can't help ourselves can we? The ubiquitous shopping trolley - dumped for a human's convenience. No mind the blot on the landscape.

A little further on I looked closely at the bark of one of our lovely paperbark trees.

What was its message?


No. Stand firm and make a difference.


  1. Lovely pictures June! We are experiencing these weird weather phenomenons here too and it´s hard to understand or cope with. I wish I had such a beautiful area to walk in.
    Tomorrow´s post at my blog will be of some random shots from around my world too! :)
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks for visiting Betty. So Paraguay has climate change problems too eh?

  3. June........your photographs are beautiful and amazingly inspiring.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. June, Great photos. I seems to me that 2009 is going to be a year of nature teaching us a lesson, with so many weird climate changes everywhere. The one thought that sprang to mind when I saw the picture of the abandoned trolley was, that you would have never seen that here in Mumbai. Guys would have run off with it, and broken it and sold it for metal scrap to the several newspaper/metal scrap shops that dot our markets.

    I guess we humans have become a desperate species. Need to heed what nature tells us all the time . .....

  5. Your pictures are beautiful, June! I know things have been so bad there in so many different ways, we've had much of the same kind of stuff here in the states although not as bad as fires there. It is lovely to be able to go for a walk in a beautiful place -- I know it does wonderful things for my mental attitude! I'm holding good thoughts for all of you. Sending lots of love your way!

    I feel sorry that human beings are so needy over there ...

    It's important to let fly now and then!

  8. Hi SYLVIA
    Yep - a balanced life is what it's about.

  9. Stand firm and make a difference: that says it all, June!

    Thinking of you. Hugs.

  10. hi june,
    beautiful photos....and the msg too. we need to give ears to nature.

  11. Hi June, I love the photos of your country. The weather seems to be bringing us to our knees! We are experiencing the same thing here. It was 60 degrees one day and 9 degrees here this morning. Mother Nature seems to be trying to tell us something. The recession and the weather combined makes for a very stressful time. Love and hugs.

  12. Absolutely serene and most wonderful. We do need to get away and just let our mind free so we can find our own balance.

    "Stand Firm and Make a Difference."

    i think it's absolutely admirable.. something we should all aspire. Smiles..

  13. LADYFI
    I extend a hand to you across the miles. Can you feel my touch?

    I hope that many of us will think more on these things - you are so right.

  15. JUDY
    How are you doin' ? It's a whole new world out there and we are all needing to adjust - and it's difficult.
    Hugs Judy

  16. SILVER
    We're all in this together - if we're not, things might get very difficult.
    I think Mother Nature is very clever - getting us together like this.

    In the Netherlands you know Mother Nature. I hope she remains friendly to you ...

  18. Unfortunately, when Gaia goes wild she hurts many more good people than bad. Keep the faith that things will get better. Your photos are lovely.

  19. SUSAN
    I am so pleased to meet you!
    Adventures, Ink is a delight.
    I see you take your time and present truly quality work. My kind of gal - when I can get there.
    We must keep the faith of course, but we must face the facts as well.

  20. June
    What a lovely and reflective post. The photos are wonderful. I feel as if I have been with you. Since my walk here in this reality this week has been anything but restful, I think you for this respite

  21. I'm pleased my musings hit the spot Linda. I hope the next few days begin a more peaceful time for you.

  22. Dear June,water is what we are worried about!Life 'under'I call it,aquarium, I feel verry often as a fish on dry!Thank you for finding time and comming by my place,I send my love again with some wild birds flying your way,stay safe.You make a huge deference,in this crazy world,I realy am verry happy that I've met you,thanks again.

  23. Fantastic photos. Just looking at them leads one to tranquility. Amazing.

  24. Tranquillity comes from a wise mind in a healthy body living in natural, peaceful surroundings. Yours pictures help a lot in de-stressing, maybe due to the abundance of green and blue colours.

    At school I heard stories of the little boy who put his finger in a dike to save your country.
    When I visited many years later I could see the basis for the tale. The sea is your constant companion.
    Now even more years later I am wondering again about you all.
    I'm pleased I have met you too - and I'll be looking eagerly for your wild birds.
    June in Oz

  26. NSIYER
    Yes this is an incredibly beautiful part of the world - this north coast of New South Wales.
    One can find tranquil surroundings quite easily, once a decision is made to move for a while from the usual hurly burly of life.

    Green and blue are our colours here on the coast. A contrast to the wide brown land beyond, which has its own beauty.

  28. Hi June, You're drowning up there, while we are dying of thirst...ironic to the max! Eaton. :)

  29. Yeah irony is right EATON.
    I don't know just where you live ... it's somewhere in Victoria? Were you okay?

  30. Beautiful photos, restful thoughts, thanks for the island of harmony in my day and for sharing your world with me.

  31. Thanks for appreciating my pictures TROPIGAL. But I hoped (privately) that the words would not be restful, but provoking in some way.
    Maybe I was too subtle.

  32. Your photo of the paperbark serves as such a symbol for all the strange disturbing events over the past few weeks.

  33. Yes Meggie - so much food for thought ...

  34. June, these are great photos. What a year already. Floods one end and fire the other. I was born in Tamworth and it used to flood every January. We always had other people staying in our house who had to evacuate their home. I am jut glad no-one lost their life in the floods although the damage must be severe.

  35. Rather floods than fire eh Lilly? Although floods would also be so dispiriting with the mud and all - and the destruction.


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