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Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Whacko! Well done America!
Here's hoping for a just and humane future.


  1. Is this a great night or what!!! Thank you, thank you, for your support and encouragement.

  2. Thanks so much June for all your support. You are a wonderful friend and supporter to all of us.

  3. I can't thank you enough for your support, June. America very much needs support from our international friends. We have a tough road ahead of us here, but at least now we'll be led in the right direction.

  4. Thanks to all of my Yankee mates.
    As I wrote in an email to Judy: This election is a demonstration of the qualities of the real people in the USA. I think it could be world shaking.
    Certainly your decision today will change the view of the world towards the USA, even though underneath we knew what had been happening was not a faithful reflection of your people. It is now up to all of you to see that those in power do follow through on the promise.
    I watched the election coverage for six hours. Every Australian TV network had a coverage from between a full hour and six hours. An indication of how important this was to Australia and the world.
    Obama's speech will go down in history as one of the greatest ever. So inclusive.

  5. Hi again everyone
    I understand that the real people's problems in the USA are very difficult. But I am wondering whether you all understand just how much the bad decisions made in Washington in the past few years have rocked the world as well. Every nation is suffering in some way because of them.

  6. Yes, June, many of us do understand the repercussions of the actions of this administration. That's why we have been so unhappy with this president. He has not only been the worst president ever but because the world has shrunk so much his actions have affected the entire world.

    Unfortunately, most citizens here have nothing to say about it. Our congress does what they want. Perhaps that why so many Republicans lost their seat in congress too.

  7. You are a citizen of the world, June. Well done.

  8. Margie that's changed now. Those people are largely gone - but there are still the lobbyists and the people of influence around the traps who will assert their pressures, making Obama's job even more difficult than it seems to be now.
    These people think they are born to rule and find it very difficult to give up their power.
    I don't mean to be negative on such a wonderful day.
    But I can't help thinking back to 1975 in our country when such people engineered a situation where the Labor government of Gough Whitlam was sacked when it was making sweeping changes.
    So imbued with awe for the law was Whitlam that he acceded to the sacking situation without any real opposition. Mind you, it's likely that by doing so he avoided riots, even in such a law abiding country as ours.
    This coup was the work of Australian people who thought they were born to rule, plus, persistent rumours suggest, agencies from overseas.
    Today, some nations would choose to intervene with guns.

  9. G'day Tropigal
    We all are citizens of the world - that's the point these days isn't it? If one boy in the class misbehaves everyone gets the detention.
    Florida did the right thing in the end?

  10. Well said June. Exciting times really! We know what change can bring. The gloss hasn't worn off Kevin or Julia for me yet!

  11. Thanks June for your visit via WTBAY yesterday...

    There is a palpable feeling that the world is on the quivering cusp of something new, needed and vital.

    Discussing the election with our children at dinner last night was interesting. They are thrilled that Obama will be the new President but cannot see the huge significance of his election. Bless them, they do not see colour.

    Hope to be about again if that's okay by you.



  12. Yes Lilly so far so good with Kevin, Julia et al. I like the way they communicate and the fact that they do used surveys as much as possible before making decisions for the long term.

  13. Welcome to the fold Kerrie.
    We all hope you're right about something vital happening. It'll be hard for Obama but nothing I think can be worse than the administration in control in the USA recently. Personally I am optomistic about Obama's motives and that's very important.


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