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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Sydney - My Home Town

I love to visit Sydney where I was born, and taking pictures is always part of the scene. I thought you may like to see some that I took on recent jaunts ... They are not iconic Sydney, but more unusual angles and happenings. These particular shots are mostly in the bustling CBD with its shops and offices.

Enticing window displays are everywhere ...

As are flowers, captured in troughs and pots to soften the landscape.

My daughter Lynne and I made this trip together and here she is casting her designer's eye over the plants.

Somehow the plants survive the traffic fumes.

As does this gentleman taking a rest in the middle of it all.
It's probably safer for him to sleep in the middle of the day rather than at night ...

Bright colour dots the grey ...

I like the angles and curves in this one.

And the Victorian glamour of the magnificent State Theatre. It still shows movies but the organ that accompanied the films for years has disappeared. This is just a glimpse of the street foyer.

We walked our legs off that day, did a little shopping and then shouted ourselves a meal at the fish markets. Here you can choose the greatest freshest sea food, ponder how it will be prepared and eat it there and then sitting on the wharves.

What dish would choose? Or would more shopping be your thing?


  1. Hi June, How ya doin ? These pictures are beautiful especially the flower ones sooo bright and colourful! everything here has gone a kind of grey - except for the grass... hardly any flowers to be seen atm. Once again having a chance to have a quiet cuppa. after seeing to Rob... June why is it that men are 'such' flippen bad-tempered 'MEN' ???
    arrrggghhhh ! and 'that' says it all.
    After I have sorted Rob out with his breakfast, pills and potions. I am off to the market on the other side of Glasgow to see what I can find... I think I'll take me camera and snap some sights too - and there will be 'some sights' there too.. and not in a 'good' way ! There is one one thing today though - that yellow ball is up in the sky - have you been having a word with him on the QT ? Cheers for now, his master's voice is calling ! Kate x.

  2. It's the same sun here Kate.
    Will look forward to seeing the market pix.
    Sounds as though you need a break. Chin up.

  3. Oh, what a fun visit to your "world" and such great photos! Thank you so much for sharing and it does look as those the two of you have a great trip -- just the kind of break we all need now and then!

  4. I love seafood. If it swims I like it. Loved the pictures. I think I would really like it there and the shopping would be wonderful. So many places to visit, enjoy, shop and eat. My daughters and I really enjoy going out shopping together, too.

  5. That's mothers and daughters isn't it Sylvia? We share so much even though we don't see eye to eye now and then.
    cheers June

  6. Judy you'd love Aussie seafood - you can get it fresh all along our coast and it's yummy! Inland is a different matter however ... care must be taken there.

    We're becoming very aware of our need to look after fishing grounds, not taking too much at once.
    Australia is very concerned about people coming south into our waters with huge industrial fishing boats taking all before them.
    I think I'll post some more Sydney pix soon - with the stars Circular Quay and the Rocks - two of my favourites.

  7. Hi June, Well I went to the market and bought another 6 pressies that will find their way to Christmas bags for folk. The sun disappeared by the way, by the time I got Rob sorted and put my jacket on the rain was started... so I didn't even bother taking me camera out of my bag - all the outside stalls were closed due to the weather. Reading about the seafood reminded me of Norway and the Quay at Stavanger - My first husband and I used to shop at the shrimp and prawn stall and then make our way to the beach and sit and enjoy them freshly caught and cooked - mmm lovely !
    Well that's just after midnight, I still haven't got a blog done for tomorrow but I'm just gonna miss it for tomorrow and go to bed with a book. Had enough for today.. Cheers, Kate x.

  8. "What dish would choose? Or would more shopping be your thing?"

    There's always room to do both. I love seafood so I'm sure I'd grab a bite to eat. Some ocean trout sounds nice.

    I'm glad that you and your daughter had such a great time in Sydney. By the way, I'm encouraged by seeing your pictures of the city. It is so clean! Even are smaller towns here cannot compare in cleanliness. Quite sad really, but your pictures are proof that it can be done.

  9. Lovely photos! I happened upon your blog by following links and am glad I did. I'll be back!

  10. Beautiful coleous and pansies. Just what I needed to see as Winter dropped 3" of the white stuff. Enjoyed your family outing.

  11. Hi Kate
    Sorry for the delay in answering but I've been away for three days at a conference. Irony is that it's raining here too and I didn't take nearly as many pix as I'd planned, so in a way we are in the same boat.
    I was in Port Macquarie six hours drive south - very picturesque and I'll post the pix I did take soon. You'll have to go to the market on a sunny day for those pix as we'd all like to see them. The bed with a book sounds more relaxing than a blog after midnight.

  12. You're right Jeannie - there's always room for shopping AND eating.
    Yes, Australia is generally very clean - although I remember as a child that roads were strewn with rubbish and beer bottles. We cleaned up our act years ago, thank goodness. There's even a 'Clean Up Australia' Campaign every year in which thousands of people get out in their neighbourhoods to find things like shopping trolleys that may have found their way into waterways. It's extremely successful and raises the consciousness of the need. I know that if I do see a can somewhere I tend to pick it up automatically. I'm not saying we're spotless, but we're not bad!

  13. Hi Joy
    Dropped over to your 'Babble' and left a message. Welcome to 70 Plus and the red carpet is out for your return!

  14. Hi Ponder - I spy a gardener!
    They are pretty together aren't they? Have a look at the post about my daughter's garden centre a couple of weeks ago - you''d probably enjoy it. No snow anywhere!

  15. Exquisite pictures and very good blog congratulations

  16. Great pictures! I live in the USA, but I would love to go to Australia for a visit. I love the mini virtual tour you have here.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  17. Mary thanks for coming over from your fun blog. I'll soon post some more pictures of Sydney - of the more iconic areas next time. You may be interested in watching out for them ...

  18. Braja
    I'm in Northern NSW near the Queensland border. Paradise, but I miss the stimulation of the big smoke.


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