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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

For My American Bloggie Friends - Good Luck to Us All

Obama: One Voice


  1. June,

    I am not one of the American bloggies but I keep getting a message saying ,"We're sorry, this video is no longer available"....

  2. Oh really Suranga? Does it come up on 70 Plus OK? I'd really like to know ...
    I 'borrowed' it from a friend's blog Jeannie of I Like to Be Here When I Can. But had to go through the link to You Tube to get it.

  3. The video worked for me, here in New Mexico. However, a friend in Canada recently told me that sometimes my U.S. video links don't work for him there, so I am going to try to remember to post the name of the video as well, so he can find it himself with a link that works.

    Now, about Senator Obama. Even without the dramatic background music in this particular video, his words always move me to tears. Rhetoric, perhaps, as Senator McCain likes to remind us. But it's a kind of rhetoric we need to lead us toward hope and healing.

    Good luck, indeed, to all of us, June. I hope we can once again find the America that we have long believed in and have lost so thoroughly during these last 8 years.

    And I hope that people around the world know that many, many Americans don't believe in Bush's America of pre-emptive strikes, and torture, and concentration camps. Of domestic spying, and "1st Amendment areas." Just how many Americans, we will soon find out on next Tuesday.

  4. Dear Clairz
    I have taken your tip and put a name and link at the bottom of the clip. Thanks.
    Yes it's rhetoric but sometimes that's what we need - hopefully backed up by morality and followed by action.
    These are amazing times.
    When our new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said 'Sorry' to our Aboriginal people as one of the first actions in his term in office it made a huge impact for good.
    Ceremony and inclusion on the day were so important, especially for our black people, but almost as much I believe, for us whites. We have a horrible early history which the previous government had tried hard to have re-written and denied. The healing began that day.
    People call these things 'symbols' but in the appropriate hands they mean much much more than that.

  5. Clairz I meant to say before I became self-centred (above):
    Of course we know where to sheet the blame for the horrors of the last eight years in the USA.
    We know that the people themselves haven't changed and we're looking forward to a return to humanity.
    It's just so tragic that the misery you're all feeling now is spreading like a wave simply everywhere ... a wave that first gained pace, I think, around the beginning of the Iraq War.

  6. And isn't blogging a wonderful thing! Here we can share ideas and learn so much about each other. Ever since I learned about the Internet I've thought that it truly does give "power to the people."

  7. Thanks for posting the video June. I did not have any trouble viewing it. Obama will get my vote and that of my children on Tuesday next week. Hopefully, he will bring the change to the United States that we so desperately need for the future.

  8. I raise my glass to that Judy! Thank you.
    How are the Halloween preparations going?

  9. As a U.S. citizen, I thank you for this. I am afraid, oh, yes, I am; and actually have little faith that we'll do what the right thing.
    If you're a praying person, please do so. Light a candle, concentrate in our direction, do what you can; and I'll do the only thing I can. I'll vote.

    Obama '08

  10. Positive thinking Pearl. Affirmations!
    In my quiet times I've thought about the unthinkable. Of course I have. But it can't happen!
    The whole world should be able to vote on this one.
    Well done you.
    June in Oz

  11. I've been meaning to stop by to thank you for posting this video, June.

    Never have I experienced such division among us here in the U.S. as I've seen recently. Liberal versus conservative, left versus right- these things should not matter when our country, and our world, is experiencing such terrible hardships. All of us want to be healthy, happy, and free, but yet these basics of life seem to be slipping away from all of us. What has happened with helping out our fellow man?

    Senator Obama's words, "We are one people", has once again filled my heart with the joy and hope that we will all set aside our differences and begin helping one another again.

  12. And I would like to echo what Clairz accurately pointed out: many people here in America do not agree with President Bush.

    I especially disagree with the war in Iraq. The majority of Iraqi citizens want the U.S. military forces to immediately withdraw from their country. Because we have refused, I view us as an invading and occupying bully. I can only imagine how the Iraqi citizens view us here in America.

  13. That will be your new President's first task - to re-unify you all.
    We Aussies felt increasingly lost in recent years and since our election last November we can feel things beginning to change towards the better again.
    Our former government meekly followed Bush in so many matters, including Iraq.
    The gradual withdrawal was one of the first measures put in place by Kevin Rudd.
    I sincerely hope that you can look forward to better things too Jeannie.

  14. I'm very happy to hear that Australians are now on an upturn. I hope that we will be joining you very soon.

  15. My comment was meant in terms of faith in the government - Rudd's polls are still rising steadily. However, we have been caught up in the international economic crisis of course and we are beginning to be affected in a personal sense. Analysts still say we won't be affected as badly as most other developed countries however. They say we won't have a recession but it will 'feel like it'.
    Good luck Tuesday Jeannie.

  16. Yeah- we did it, June!

    Yes, I understand the feeling of a lack in faith in government. After seeing that Mr. Obama will be our next President, I have faith in this country again. It's something that I haven't had in a long, long time.

  17. Now that the "process" is over, I just hope they can start working on the issues. I hope we all can pull together and get the whole world back on track.

  18. And so say all of us Eric.
    I hope things are settling for oyou ...


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