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Monday, 29 September 2008

To Award or Not to Award - That is the Question!

I have received an award from Suranga of Gappa who writes a mean blog post. Hers is a particularly fine gesture because she says the award is for blogs whose content and/or design are brilliant as well as creative(!). She called it 'a rocking blog of a rocking creative-writing senior'. I am thrilled.

I set to work to complete her task of selecting seven other blogs of quality to pass on the award. It's taken a while, but I think you'll all enjoy the links below.

Now, I have decided to join with Vikki of Red Chair Gallery who does not take part in blog awards. My reason is a distinct lack of time amd energy to meet the criteria.

I'm running two blogs - 70 Plus and my creative writing blog Journeys, and living a full life besides. My idea in having them is to encourage me to keep writing short stories, but blogging itself seems to be getting in the way of that goal!

From now on if someone does wish to recognise my work on either blog I will acknowledge the gesture by creating a link on my site to theirs, and be more than grateful. I will not pass on the awards to others, but I will also have a list of blogs I read which I truly prize.

To me, a comment on my site containing constructive feedback, or a link on your site is every bit as exciting as an award. And a lot less work for all concerned!

Quite frankly, I do believe that there are a lot of others who feel, like me, an ambivalence about blog awards. They're great to receive, but they do mean a lot of effort. For this reason too, I am shy about naming other sites.

I hope everyone understands ...

Now, to complete my deal with Suranga I offer the following excellent sites. And thank you again, with a very real appreciation of your commendation.

My choice of esteemed blogs has been informed by the creativity, thoughtfulness, passion and entertainment value of these sites. I particularly enjoy the fact that all of them provide glimpses of life as lived in other parts of the world.

1) Vikki North’s The Red Chair Gallery – great art and stories from a Californian gal who knows her mind. Vicki doesn’t accept blog awards, so I’ll just link to her and say how much I appreciate her work

2) Towards Sustainability - a stay at home mum formerly an environmental scientist, tells of an Australian family of five working towards a simpler life and a sustainable future in suburbia

3) Overheard in New York - a fun blog with contributions from spies in the office, at the beach, in the street … Here’s a taste:

Four-year-old girl: Daddy! Why did you knock over my sandcastle?!
Dad: Because you knocked over my sandcastle first.
(dad coolly turns to two-year-old son and begins playing with him)
Four-year-old girl, in hysterics: Daddy! I'm so angry at you!
Mom: Good honey, you're expressing your feelings really well.
--overheard in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

4) Lilly’s Life - from an Australian consultant who says she loves anything authentic and creative. Lilly is sharing with Vicki of Red Chair a wonderful serial writing project – drop by and have a look

5) Why not blog it out – experiences in the life of a teacher of the English language in India

6) Just an Ordinary Gal - a blog about 'ageing, art, books, beefs, life, love, loss, media and social criticism, shopping, creativity, and anything else that matters that day'. From a retired journalist and college communications teacher in South Florida

7) New Dharma Bums - a retired couple from California who are acute observers of nature and their environment

Enjoy! And look for lists of my esteemed sites on the sidebar.


  1. June. In a way, I kind of agree with you. I spent a lot of time deciding on my 7 blogs. I will honor your decsion in the future, and thank you for taking the trouble now.

  2. Thanks for understanding Suranga.

  3. Hi June, Congratulations on yet another award. You have come a long way but I always knew you would. I, too, am going to have to discontinue receiving these awards. Like you say, I am spending all my time on awards instead of blogging. I do appreciate each one and like you will offer a link. I am so glad I found you and your wonderful stories and blog.

  4. Judy
    I'm sending a hug to you all the way across the seas. Can you feel it?

  5. What a wise decision. Awards are awfully time consuming and I would much rather read others blogs with the time. Thanks for thinking this through for us.

  6. I must add my thanks to the others. I secretly felt the same way and was feeling a little guilty about it. Let's face it, these awards are really a way to expand the number of blogs we all read, and I think we can do that in other, less time consuming ways, such as the list of favorite blogs you have on your sidebar.

    Thanks for saying what needed to be said.

  7. June, thank you so much for this award. Roger and I have been blogging for four years and our interest and commitment has waxed and waned quite a bit over that time. The first 3 1/2 years were spent on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. They were the first years of our retirement, and there was much to see and consider. We've only just moved back to California over the past few months and are learning to see the world again amid the din of close neighbors, night lights, and endless distractions.

    We also don't do awards or memes, but always appreciate being awakened to new blogs and voices. Thank you so much for stopping by our blog and leaving us such a gift.

  8. Hi June -- I think this is the way blogging should be -- that we create a list of faves to share with others. I so agree that a polite message from another blogger is an award/reward in itself.

    I suppose I ought not to confess this, but I feel a bit hurt that I have praised and link to an especially popular elder blog and was always found wanting in getting a link back, despite dozens and dozens of featured blogs. I also never want to have a list of dozens and dozens blogs, because I am sometimes pressed to read even a few faves. I still work, you see. And I suppose with the economic downturn, I am doomed to scraping around for work harder than ever for my bowl of porridge.

    Thank you for including me on your list, and I shall check out your suggestions as soon as I have time.

  9. Hi June, What's the term ? Bonzer decision .. It also made me rethink the award too... Flaming Hell I'm retired and I still find it difficult to split me time up to P.C. time along with time with Rob (Who is always moaning about the time I'm spending at 'that ruddy machine'It means that I can faff about checking out all the blogs which I love and not be 'hurried' into 'all' that goes with the awarding etc...
    Thanks for giving me 'the shove' I needed, I see too that Judy had done the same as well - good oh ! Ok phew, Cheers Kate x.
    (I wonder if me awards will be worth anything when my book's published - wot dya think? any chance? No! thought not). Bye, K.

  10. Hi June,
    Thank you so much for your generous award, I really do appreciate it :-) I put a lot of time into mu blog and it gives me a lot of pleasure to know that other people enjoy it. Like you though, I don't pass on awards any more. As you say, it is just too time consuming, and besides, most bloggers I would award have already received it!

    Thanks again!
    Cheers, Julie

  11. Yesterday I just had to have a day off blogging - so I'm sorry about the lack of replies to comments. I'm looking forward to being able to get to you all today.
    It seems I hit the spot with the blog awards. I'm always one for stopping and standing back to consider situations now and then, with an eye to decisions that will make things better. Good on us all.
    What a day yesterday was. I declare my empathy and solidarity with all of those affected by this global crisis - and that will probably be all of us at some time.
    However, those greedy ones who took part in making it all happen are not included in my offer.
    June in Oz

  12. June, I love your blog! I have been writing all my life, published a few things here and there, nothing major, it's mostly been a hobby since I was a child. Congratulations on the award! That's great! I really appreciate your comments and so glad you found my blog. It's been a busy week already, sorry I didn't get here before.

    It's good we feel the same about this Margie. We busy oldies must apportion our time wisely!
    I do hope things begin to settle for all of you in the US.

    Thanks for the above. I have put your's and Jean's links on my side bar as I really appreciate your humanity. The sites are filled with information that people should know about and understand ...

    Thanks for your comments Sylvia - and for becoming a follower on my blog. I hope you continue to enjoy your visits, as I enjoy mine to yours.
    So, having written so much in your life, I was correct in assuming that those beautiful words that are now on my sidebar are indeed yours?

    I appreciate yours and Roger's obvious love of nature and your acute observation. As I've said before, I really enjoy peeking in on other people's lives and environments.

    I hope that your porridge is soon swamped with cream and strawberries and that they are plentiful!
    And so for all of us!

    You are a contaminated wee Scottish bairn. Almost a bonzer Aussie through and through. Careful!
    I think we'll all be better off without awards - although they are fun to receive.
    Give Rob a hug for me ...

    I hope you keep meeting all of those challenges Julie!
    See you again ...

    Do you realise we both share NSW Oz as our home state? I live in the Tweed Valley ...

  21. Thanks a lot! Awards boost my morale though they do waste some of my time. But I'm a praise-junkie, so I love them, anyway. I've become a fan and a follower of your blog(s). What a marvellously full and frantic life you lead! I'm blown away by the energy and variety of your interests and activities.

  22. I'm pleased the award brought you pleasure Sucharita.
    So far as my interests and activities are concerned, all I can say to sum up is:
    if you don't use it you lose it!

  23. Loved the links. I will check them out. I just discovered that I can find fellow Hillboro blogger by clicking on Hillsboro in the profile. Loved that feature.

    Greetings from Orenco Station.


  24. Hi June, Have had a great time checking out blogs etc and have had a reading fest... You asked in a comment recently about me book, well to be honest I haven't touched it in the last couple of weeks I'm afraid, just been sooo busy, it's not forgotten though, had a phone call the other night from my sis Lorraine in Dumfries who was telling me that our brother Neil had called in (he was on a golfing jaunt with his work- Civil Service - ahem ! should have saluted then). Anyway, she had passed the 1st draft of Dad's story to him and he was wanting a copy of it... He was a bit miffed that I hadn't contacted him yet to ask for memories of Dad.... arrgghh! Talk about family trembling lips - Again arrgghh!
    So now it seems that I seem to have alienated my first wee brother. Hell's bells, what the blazes, if they were gonna do anything about a memory of Dad they could have..... nothing was holding them back ! talk about trembling lips ! I will get on to doing the story though, will have to add a couple of facts that Dorien came up with recently..
    it's all go here. God, how on earth I managed to do anything while I was employed Heaven only knows 'cos I 'm finding it difficult to find the time when I'm retired... As usual I'm blethering on, will say Bye for now and get my clothes on, it's now after three o'clock in the afternoon and I'm not even dressed. Normally on a Saturday I'm up with the lark and dressed and out at the market but Dorien phoned to say she had caught a cold and felt like just having a day in the house (except for taking her wee dog out to have a sniff of the 'cold wintry air'). You lucky so-an-so you will be starting to enjoy better weather now.. It is dull, dreary and 'dreich' here today. Cheers for now and tell that sun at your end of your PC to send over some sunbeams over to the land of the tartan and the haggis - we could do with some - 'sunbeams' I mean! Kate x.

  25. Dearest Kate
    Thanks for the long note.
    You can certainly have some of our sunbeams - we have plenty to spare in my corner of Oz.
    Actually, winter is generally the better time here with never snow and ice and we complain when there is a snappy wind at times.
    This year was strangely cold however.
    Autumn and spring are idyllic with blue blue skies and temperatures around 22-25c. But it gets to 30c plus now and then come mid summer and the humidity sets in making dish rags of the lot of us. It gets you down.
    The book - it's often best to paddle along by yourself for a while, not seeking too many opinions as everyone looks at things differently and that can get at your confidence I find ... but you may be different.
    How about talking to people in research mode only (including your brother of course, and saying he'll get one of the first looks when you're in final draft? That way you keep hold of reins. An idea to consider anyway.
    Take it easy Kate. It's hard to get going when the cold is in your bones.
    June in Oz


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