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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Just the best fresh food at the local farmers' market

There's nothing like crunchy Pink Lady apples and crisp lettuce and beans sold at week-ends at our local market, and straight from the farm.
I live on the North Coast of New South Wales in Australia and our markets are legendary. The best seem to be around Mullu
mbimby and Brunswick Heads but our own small version can't be sneezed at.
Twice a month the locals get up early on a Sunday morning to get their supplies of fresh

This stall always has a big selection of really fresh fruit and veg. The food seems to last just so much longer and tastes so much better than the stuff from the supermarket chains.

This young stallholder has a great selection of spuds (potatoes to you) and onions and pumpkins.

Enzo makes his pasta in all shapes and sizes on the spot and sells it to eager buyers.

Olives cheeses and crisp loaves of bread are to die for at Lennie's Italian Foods.

This couple gives away religious tracts which they have printed and framed themselves.

Fresh flowers at $A6 for a bunch.

If market goers don't have time for their breakfast muesli they can count on a steaming cuppa at the market, a variety of hot Thai foods, tarts and cakes and muffins.
The market is held in the grounds of a large returned servicemen's club which also boasts wonderful sporting facilities such as a golf course, Olympic size pool and these tennis courts at the rear of the picture.

For breakfast, there's also 'Aussie yoghurt'! And what did I have?

A huge muffin complete with lashings of cooked apple, raisins and cinnamon. That's what!
Just $A2.50.


  1. Oh my gosh, June! I just got out of bed and read your blog and I am already starving. That food looks like it is to die for. We certainly don't have anything like that near me. I would love to be able to get all the fresh vegetables and muffins and pasta. I wanted to just reach in that picture and grab your muffin for my breakfast this morning! Thanks for posting this so that we can see you and your wonderful market place.

  2. Good to hear from you Judy.
    Bad luck about the muffin - I ate every crumb!

  3. Oh, my what a gorgeous market you have - and such a fantastic selection. I've love to meet Enzo - he looks like a character.

    I'm hosting a Farmer's Market Report. Maybe you'd like to submit this post? Come on over and check it out:

  4. Thanks Kerry
    I have left a comment on your very interesting blog.

  5. Hi,
    My first visit. Judy sent me. I was blogging about our itsy, bitsy, farmer's market... yesterday, and she told me to come and see yours. What a wonderful place to shop. My pocket book would be empty...if I could shop here.How lucky you are. Maybe in years to come, ours will grow. Loved my visit.

  6. Thanks for visiting Balisha, and well done to Judy. She is very generous in her efforts to connect people.
    I have posted to your blog Balisha.
    It was good to hear about another farmers market. How appreciated they are!

  7. By the way everybody I meant to mention that Judy's site is Living on the Other Side of the Hill - link on my side bar.

  8. Hi again June, Flamin' Nora, that food looks good ! I do wish we had one here, there is a French market meets at one of the parks here every month but it only consists of four stalls and the food they sell is baked or cooked (and expensive) I was gonna say why is it that we in Scotland don't have fresh fruit and veg markets - but I know that it's due to the fact that we don't have the weather for growing 'good fresh food' I heard someone being interviewed on TV (Aussie) the other day and she was bemoaning the fact that all the fruit and veg tasted watery - probably the ruddy things are xrayed and sprayed to hell! the taste is all gone. That's one of the reasons why I love to holiday in Majorca and can visit all the local markets where the fruit is 'to die for' ! Well It's a beautiful day today and there's a big yellow ball up in the sky - wonder what that could be? I'm off to collect Dorien and take her to Hosp to get her dressing changed. (I took her yesterday to have her left cataract done). In another month she will get the other done and the lucky so and so will be able to do without glasses to read or see. I would love to get mine done too imagine being able to see without first putting on yer specs.. fantastic! Cheers, Kate x.

  9. Hi Kate
    Yes, we're luccky to live here where there are farms within cooee and markets are everywhere on the North Coast. Supermarket food can sure be tasteless as you said.
    Dorien (?) will enjoy the results of her ops. I had mine done four years ago and I went from having glasses which couldn't get any stronger to not having any at all! Astigmatism as well as cataracts were my bag.
    A different woman I am.
    Keep writing Kate...
    June in Australia

  10. Hi again June, Before I forget, seeing as how me brain has been taken over by a martian - could you call over at my gaff to collect a wee pressie - they're going free gratis and for nowt' these days. No seriously help yourself, you deserve one !
    Anyhoo just a few words - flaming Nora - me saying a few words who am I kidding ! Dorien is all recovered after getting her one eye done and in a month she'll get the other done - you'd think they would do the two but heigh ho who am I to question how the health service work... mind you we're damn lucky to have one (Health service I mean).. everything is fine story-wise, getting there slowly... at least I feel as though I am so that's OK !
    Bloody Hell, I was gonna have an early night - no such luck! this house has been organised chaos these days - both of us have had the dreaded lurgy! chest infections and Rob is at the same stage as I was 4 days ago and of course feels as though he is dying - typical man of course...
    Roll on next week end we are going to Blackpool for a couple of days -shops, shops, shops, markets markets etc etc... I'll be in heaven for a whole week ! yay !
    Better shut this off now or I'll never get any sleep - Cheers for now Kate x.

  11. Flamin Nora, I've just reread my post, I said a couple of days - we are going for a week - me mind has frosted up - today in the land of the tartan on the 1st of Sep we had flippen snow would you believe mind you it was as weird as all get out the dky went dark and the heavens opened thunder lightning and snow wild it was - it only lasted for 15 minutes but it was weird.... Oh Hells bells better shut my mouth and get to bed that's after half eleven ... Cheers again Kate x.

  12. Spare me days Kate I'm having trouble with my HTML and template for some reason and now I must do battle with the technicals!
    I'm not getting notification of comments et al et al.
    Have been in Coffs Harbour down South and Brisbane up north for two days each this week so haven't had time to scratch myself, let alone write posts.
    Now it's back to normality so I took a little trip over to your Manor and there found my pressie! Have left a big thank you. Thank you.
    Then over to 70 Plus to find your new comments which I hadn't seen due to the said technicals.
    Hope things are fine with you my Scottish lassie. Your week away sounded good.


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