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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Half a Trophy for Effort

Stop Press!
This blog, not yet five weeks young, has just won a sort of runner-up award given by a lively and generous blogger called Judy in Kentucky of Living on the Other Side of the Hill.
Judy runs a great blog about her family life sprinkled with many references to the history of her country, illustrated with fine pix. Her blog is a satisfying way to glimpse the lifestyle in a land far away ...
Anyway, there's a thing going on over there where winning bloggers get to nominate five others for a Blogger Award. Judy spent her five awards but was kind enough to nominate mine and one other as worthy of a look. She also mentioned 70 Plus's sister blog Journeys in Creative Writing as an OK site, and has constantly dealt out encouragement since she sent the very first comment to the 70 Plus site.
I didn't win an award, of course, but decided I'd post a picture of just half of the Blogger Trophy as a sort of incentive for effort ...
Thanks Judy!

While I'm here, I'd like to pay my own little tribute to Olive Riley, Australian blogger extraordinaire, who sadly died on July 12 at age 108. What a legend! See All About Olive


  1. Hello June, You are so welcome. I hope this brings you lots of readers. I love the way you posted half a trophy! That is great. I knew about Olive. Someone sent it to me. I read a lot of her posts and she was wonderful. You definitely deserve a full award for your writing and I am sure once your readership picks up, you will get many awards.

  2. Dear Judy
    As we Aussies say: Good on yer ...!

  3. Thanks Judy for your message about Olive. I relate to your biog about life phases.

    I began a new phase of my life too when I first made the film about Ollie and then was her blob scribe for a year and a half.

    I'm just sad that our grumpy press really took no notice of her till she was dead, thus denying her fellow country people the delight of following her stories and interacting with her during her last fantastic year and a half.

    Moreover, by saying in effect, she's not fair dinkum 'cos she doesn't type, they were denying us the poss. of finding out much more.

    She lived her whole life here in OZ.

    If she had been allowed to become a bit of an Aussie Icon as the Spanish so happily made their 95 year old blogger, Maria Amelia, I'm sure we would have found out so much more about her.

    People, rellies and others, would have come out of the woodwork with stories to tell. New pages of our history may well have been written

    It's a shame, All we can do is leave the blog up so those just finding wonderful Ollie, can catch up if not be in touch.

    Mike the scribe

  4. Hi Mike
    You were obviously so fond of Olive and you must be grieving for such a good friend.
    Things might have been more perfect, but my goodness you did such a lot to bring this wonderful lady to so many people. Such attitudes do make one snitchy however, especially when opportunities are lost.
    I'm sure Olive enjoyed the experience which would have enriched the last years of her life no end.
    Here's to your efforts Mike - and to Olive's memory.
    Thanks for getting in touch and now onwards to the next phase ...
    June Saville

  5. Hi June, I got your blog name from Judy's - enjoyed my visit and will add it to my Blog-roll. I have a feeling that Judy got us mixed up and you should have got the 'full cup award' that was a brilliant idea to post a half award, I like your sense of humour... will visit soon. Cheers from Scotland (the land of the tartan and the wild haggis) Kate x.

  6. p.s. Blimey imagine blogging at over one hundred, may we all be doing that, what a woman ! Kate x.

  7. G'day Kate
    Loved your comment thanks. Looked at your profile and it seems you're my kind of women - learning every day, a bit mad, and a heart as big as a truck? Remember - there is life after menopause!!!! Have you read 'Sex at Sixty-Five' on my blog
    Much of me is Scottish blood ... my great great grandpa on my mother's side was born in Invergordon and great-grandfather on my father's side from Contin in R and C. G-g-g became a successful gold miner here in Oz and g-g was a selector and lived the demanding life of a grazier who carved his farm out of the bush. He was a cranky man.
    I was in Glasgow in 1982 and I remember almost expiring with cold as I stood on the ramparts (?) of the castle, looking out on an amazing bleak day.
    I wanted so much to go further north, but had no time. I hadn't yet done any family history, so didn't know about the above. Love to go back!
    I'm sure we'll both have a blog when we're 100 - just like Olive.
    June in Australia


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